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Throughout North America and Europe, zebra and quagga mussels (Dreissena species), are infesting freshwater lakes, rivers and reservoirs and are crippling industrial and commercial operations by clogging pipes and damaging infrastructure and equipment. There is widespread agreement that invasive zebra and quagga mussels annually cost industries millions of dollars in lost productivity, repairs, and additional maintenance expenses.

Unfortunately the battle against these destructive species rages on, intensified by their unrelenting spread and complicated by increasing regulatory pressure to protect the environment and the ever present risk of employee injury that comes with the use of chlorine and chemical molluscicides.

Invasive Zebra Mussel Ingests Zequanox

Zequanox is highly selective and has been proven to be lethal to zebra and quagga mussels, without harming humans, infrastructure, nontarget organisms, or the environment. The product is recognized by the mussels as a nonthreatening food source and is readily consumed. Once ingested, Zequanox destroys the mussel’s digestive system.

In response to the growing need for an effective and safer approach to invasive mussel control solution, MBI launched ZEQUANOX®. EPA approved in 2011, ZEQUANOX® is a low-risk pesticide that offers a number of advantages over manual removal methods, as well as mechanical and chemical based control products. With ZEQUANOX®, customers benefit from ease of use and effective control of mussel populations, without incurring a significant capital investment, the additional operating costs of maintaining mechanical equipment, or the risks associated with the use of harsh chemicals.

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