22 May, 2017

Organic Pesticide Maker To Harvest Bumper Profits


Forbes: OracleVoice Sasha Banks-LouieSasha Banks-Louie, Oracle The growing interest in chemical-free food production has driven strong demand for Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI), which makes natural, organic pesticides. Organic pesticides are derived entirely from fermented microbes and plant extracts that can target and control pests without harming the environment, people or other species. If there’s a [...]

11 May, 2017

Cranberry Crop Management Journal


2017 FUNGICIDE UPDATE Regalia "For fruit rot control, it performed better than the untreated check in 9 of 11 trials conducted since 2013, and as well as the top fungicides in 5 of 11 trials. For cottonball control, it was better than the untreated check in 5 of 6 trials and as good as the [...]

8 May, 2017

REGALIA Rx Available from Koch Agronomic Services for 2017 Crops


CropLife, by Matt Hopkins Koch Agronomic Services, LLC has announced that REGALIA Rx biofungicide is available for U.S. corn, wheat and soybean growers who seek a cost-effective improvement to their existing fungicide program. REGALIA Rx is an EPA-registered product featuring a one-of-kind (FRAC P5) Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) mode of action, which is a proactive [...]

4 Apr, 2017

CropLife: Q&A With Pam Marrone On The World’s First All-Biological Seed Treatment


CropLife, by Jackie Pucci Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. and Israel-based Ground­work BioAg in February announced successful field trials of the world’s first all-biological comprehensive seed treatment for pest management. The treatments tested in corn and soybeans contained a mycorrhizal inoculant from Ground­work, called Rootella, as well as a bioinsecticide, a bionematicide, and a biofungicide from [...]