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Microscopic roundworms, known as nematodes, are some of the most damaging soil-dwelling pests in commercial agriculture. Plant parasitic nematodes attack and feed on plant root systems, severely effecting root quality and plant health, thus diminishing crop output and consumer acceptance. Managing nematode populations with a biological nematicide throughout the growth season will stop populations from reaching damaging levels.

MajesteneĀ® is a non-living bacterial organism that controls nematodes by contact and ingestion modes of action. Majestene is a liquid nematicide that can be applied pre-plant, at planting and in-season for season-long nematode suppression in potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, cucurbits, corn and onions. Majestene is species selective and works on the following nematodes: lesion, root knot, dagger, stunt, reniform and soybean cyst nematodes.