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Zelto® – Turf Protector

Zelto turf protection promotes turf health by protecting roots from the ground up.
It is a biological nematicide for control of plant parasitic nematodes and soil dwelling pests. It has a novel bacteria-based (non-living) active with true nematicidal activity against eggs, juveniles and adult nematodes.

Why Use Zelto?

  • Reduces nematode population
  • Rapid plant regeneration
  • Increases turf density
  • Improves plant and root health

Premier Features

  • REI – Until Dry, 0 Day PHI
  • Multi-site contact
  • Caution signal word
  • Minimal PPE required

Product Literature


Art of Use

The following best use practices should be kept in mind to effectively use Zelto Turf Protection:

  • Initial application: 2 gallon per acre.
  • Sequential applications: Additional treatments at 4 week intervals at 1 gallon per acre.
  • Hydrophobic soils: Use in combination with a premium soil surfactant.
  • Zelto can be used on greens, fairways, roughs and tee complexes.