MBI Sales and Support Contacts

We are based in Davis, California – Phone: 1.530.750.2800 | Toll Free: 1.877.664.4476
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  Julie Versman
Senior Director, Int’l Business Dev.
Email: jversman@marronebio.com
Cell: 530-219-2004

  Ruben Ramos
Territory: Latin America
Email: rramos@marronebio.com
Cell: 407-601-8097

Field Development

  Tim Johnson
Vice President of Field Development and Technical Sales Support
Email: tjohnson@marronebio.com
Cell: 570-441-8775

Pacific Northwest

  Jorge Pacheco
Territory: Western Pacific Northwest
Email: jpacheco@marronebio.com
Cell: 503-559-3048

  Denis Miller
Territory: Eastern Pacific Northwest
Email: denis.miller@marronebio.com
Cell: 509-760-5112

  Joshua Pacheco
Regional Sales Support
Email: joshua.pacheco@marronebio.com
Cell: 360-597-6595


  Brian Ahrens
Vice President, Sales and Business Development
Email: bahrens@marronebio.com
Cell: 319-359-9915


  Eric Hammons
Email: ehammons@marronebio.com
Cell: 813-967-4284


  Brian Mueller
Territory: Upper Midwest (WI, MI, OH, IN)
Email: bmueller@marronebio.com
Cell: 616-540-7800

  Ron Fisher
Territory: Northeast (New England, PA, NY, NJ, DE)
Email: rfisher@marronebio.com
Cell: 609-868-3151


  Emily Smith
Territory: Northern California, Nevada
Email: esmith@marronebio.com
Cell: 805-458-3173

  Curt Nelson
Territory: Coastal California
Email: cnelson@marronebio.com
Cell: 831-801-6292

  Asen Asparuhov
Territory: Central California, Utah
Email: aasparuhov@marronebio.com
Cell: 559-779-0361

  Devin Lilles
Regional Sales Support
Email: dlilles@marronebio.com
Cell: 559-287-7724


  Tom Terkelsen
Territory: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Southeastern California
Email: tterkelsen@marronebio.com
Cell: 928-920-2676


  Eric Hammons
Territory: Northern Florida, Alabama, Georgia
Email: ehammons@marronebio.com
Cell: 813-967-4284

  Dave Miller
Territory: Southern Florida
Email: dmiller@marronebio.com
Cell: 321-239-0450