MBI Sales and Support Contacts

Reach out to our commercial team for product information, local distributors, customer service and technical support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Marrone Bio Innovations Headquarters
Davis, California
Phone: 1.530.750.2800
Toll Free: 1.877.664.4476
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  Julie Versman
Senior Director, Int’l Business Dev.
Email: jversman@marronebio.com
Cell: 530-219-2004

  Ruben Ramos
Territory: Latin America
Email: rramos@marronebio.com
Cell: 407-601-8097

Pacific Northwest (PNW)

  Jorge Pacheco
Territory: Western Pacific Northwest
Email: jpacheco@marronebio.com
Cell: 503-559-3048

  Denis Miller
Territory: Eastern Pacific Northwest
Email: denis.miller@marronebio.com
Cell: 509-760-5112


  Brian Ahrens
Vice President, Sales
Email: bahrens@marronebio.com
Cell: 319-359-9915


  Brian Ahrens
Vice President, Sales
Email: bahrens@marronebio.com
Cell: 319-359-9915


  Brian Mueller
Territory: Upper Midwest
Email: bmueller@marronebio.com
Cell: 616-540-7800

  Ron Fisher
Territory: New England and Mid-Atlantic
Email: rfisher@marronebio.com
Cell: 609-868-3151


  Emily Smith
Territory: Northern California, Nevada
Email: esmith@marronebio.com
Cell: 805-458-3173

  Curt Nelson
Territory: Coastal California
Email: cnelson@marronebio.com
Cell: 831-801-6292

  Asen Asparuhov
Territory: Central California, Utah
Email: aasparuhov@marronebio.com
Cell: 559-779-0361


  Tom Terkelsen
Territory: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Southeastern California
Email: tterkelsen@marronebio.com
Cell: 928-920-2676


  Eric Hammons
Territory: Northern Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina
Email: ehammons@marronebio.com
Cell: 813-967-4284

  David Miller
Territory: Southern Florida
Email: dmiller@marronebio.com
Cell: 321-239-0450