ZEQUANOX®—The environmentally responsible solution for invasive mussel control

Dock in lakeSafely, effectively and easily protect lakes, rivers, reservoirs and other open bodies of water from invasive zebra and quagga mussels. ZEQUANOX® is a biological solution for controlling invasive mussels that’s an environmentally friendly alternative to potash and copper-based products, and does not harm humans, animals, aquatic life or the ecosystem.

ZEQUANOX® Highlights

  • EPA approved
  • Low toxicity
  • Noncorrosive to infrastructure and equipment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Not harmful to humans, pets and other aquatic life

Economic and environmental damage from invasive mussels

tubingInvasive mussel populations are now prevalent in major waterways throughout the country, including the Great Lakes Region as well as the Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Colorado rivers. The mussels have a significant economic and environmental impact on recreational water use.

Invasive mussel concerns

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  • Negative impacts on native mussel populations
  • Disruption of the natural ecosystem
  • Proliferation of toxic blue-green algae
  • Decreased game fish populations
  • Increased risk of injury for swimmers from invasive mussels’ sharp shells
  • Impeded or blocked flow lines for water intakes from infested lakes and rivers used for irrigation, fire suppression and drinking water
  • Damage to aquatic infrastructure and equipment, such as boats and docks
  • Decreased lakefront property values
  • Loss of revenue from closed reservoirs and reduced recreation
  • Costs to remove or manage infestations


ZEQUANOX® is composed of 100 percent dead cells derived from a naturally occurring soil microbe, and it controls mussels in all stages of life. Unlike toxic treatments, such as potash and copper-based solutions, ZEQUANOX® is biodegradable, noncorrosive and nonvolatile.

  • Highly selective to control zebra and quagga mussels
  • Effective in a broad range of water conditions
  • EPA indicates active ingredient has “low toxicity and presents little risk to non-target organisms”

How ZEQUANOX® works

The dead cells that make up ZEQUANOX® contain compounds that destroy cells in the mussels’ digestive system. Once the product is in the water, the mussels perceive ZEQUANOX® as food and readily eat the product along with their normal diet. Once ingested, the product causes their digestive lining to deteriorate, resulting in death. Mussel mortality normally begins within a couple of days following the application, and continues for several weeks. Results can vary depending on water temperature and mussel activity.

A safer solution

canoeChemical solutions are available for invasive mussel control, such as potash and copper-based products. As a biological solution, ZEQUANOX® offers an effective solution to mussel control without harming the environment, humans and animals.

Negative effects of potash and copper-based products

  • Toxic to other aquatic organisms
  • Persistence in the environment results in pro-longed ecosystem exposure
  • Potash (potassium chloride, KCl) treatments kill endangered and threatened native mussel species
  • Extended potash treatment times often delay water re-entry periods for recreational use
  • Copper-based products can cause public health concerns because of copper restrictions in drinking water from reservoirs

Find out more

ZEQUANOX® is a product of Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI). MBI discovers, develops, and markets effective and environmentally responsible bio-based pest management products for agriculture and water applications. Contact MBI for more information on implementing ZEQUANOX® for invasive mussel control.


1Extensive toxicology studies have been conducted with ZEQUANOX®. At application rates that produced high zebra and quagga mussel mortality (76%–100%), no bacteria-induced mortality was recorded among any of the nontargets, including fish, ciliates, daphnids, and bivalves.

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