25 May, 2016

Biologicals becoming part of integrated crop protection offers

Agrow Biologicals 2016 supplement Agrow – the global crop protection news service – takes a deep look at the evolving and expanding market for biological solutions. Dr. Pam Marrone, CEO and founder of Marrone Bio Innovations, shares perspective on the technical nature of selling biological products, as well as upcoming product launches (see p. 7). [...]

23 Jan, 2016

MAJESTENE Provides Nematode Control for Potato Growers

AgWired.com Brian Ahrens, Vice President of Sales for Marrone Bio Innovations, attended the 2016 Potato Expo and shared a little with Chuck Zimmerman of AgWired about their newest product offering. Read more >.

26 Oct, 2015

Distribution: A Tough Nut to Crack

By: Jackie Pucci | September 22, 2015 Farm Chemicals International Driven by tougher regulatory standards and demand for more active ingredients on the back of pest resistance and various bans on synthetics, biologicals are beating nearly every other category in ag with a 17% compounded annual growth rate. Retailers and distributors are slowly acclimating to [...]

14 Oct, 2015

Biocontrols M&A Boom Begins to Bear Fruit

Farm Chemicals International Jackie Pucci | October 10, 2015 This article explores how the biologicals space is being legitimized by multinationals who are entering the crop protection world . Read more.

14 Aug, 2015

Women in Agriculture

The KSTE Farm Hour kste.com, 8.14.15 In his broad cast, Farmer Fred Hoffman spotlights women in California agriculture including Pam Marrone, CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations, who formed a successful biopesticide industry. Listen here.

28 Jul, 2015

Michigan-made pesticide Zequanox adds muscle to war on zebra mussels

MLive.com July 28, 2015 By Garret Ellison   The zebra mussel invasion is disrupting native ecosystems, damaging harbors and power plants, clogging pipes, propellers, water intakes and clustering on anything in their path. In an article on Mlive, learn about how invasive species experts are expressing cautious optimism these days over the potential to fight back [...]

23 Jul, 2015

Biologicals: Filling the Gaps

By Dan Jacobs, July 23, 2015 farmchemicalsinternational.com “Europe has reduced the number of chemicals on the market, eliminating hundreds of active ingredients, and passed the sustainable use directive, which requires farmers to use fewer chemicals,” says Pam Marrone, founder and CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations, a producer of several biological products. “Biologicals are the named [...]