About Biopesticides

Marrone Bio Innovations is pleased to provide the following information on biopesticides for all who are interested in learning more about their origins, benefits, successful use and value when incorporated into all farming operations.

Biopesticides are naturally occurring substances, such as microbes, Bt bacteria, plant extracts, fatty acids or pheromones. Their use is growing rapidly worldwide, and they are in demand for their value in IPM programs to enhance yields and quality along with their low impact on the environment.

Biopesticides offer additional benefits, such as complex and novel modes of action for resistance management to extend the product life of conventional pesticides. They also add flexibility in a traditional farming operation with reduced pre-harvest intervals to manage residues for exported produce, and shorter field reentry times for workers, which reduces labor costs.

Read on to learn more about the history of biopesticides, current EPA registered products, their benefits and barriers to adoption, the science behind biopesticides, their rigorous registration pathway and field development process, and how they fit best in a pest management program

Section 1: Definitions/Registration
Section 2: Benefits/Barriers
Section 3: Using Biopesticides
Section 4: Sample Products
Section 5: Development