An effective, sophisticated bioinsecticide for better crop performance

GRANDEVO® advanced bioinsecticides control a broad spectrum of chewing and sucking insects and mites … but are easy on beneficials. They can be used in rotation or as the foundation product to strengthen integrated pest management programs (IPM) and insect resistance management (IRM) programs for a wide range of fruit, vegetable, and nut crops, as well as turf and ornamentals. Combining high performance with operational flexibility, GRANDEVO® bio-based products are paving the way for new, innovative uses of microbial insecticides.

Complex Modes of Action Reduce Risk of Resistance

GRANDEVO® is microbial based and is powered by a number of compounds that create complex modes of action, resulting in a potent biopesticide that is highly active against labeled insects and mites. Control of pests is achieved by unique combinations of repellency, oral toxicity, reduced egg hatch, and reduced fecundity (ability of pest to reproduce). With GRANDEVO’s multiple active compounds and complex modes of action the risk of insect resistance is greatly reduced.


Ideal tool to strengthen existing IPM and IRM programs

  • Cross-spectrum protection against sucking and chewing insects and mites
  • Activity against adults and nymphs
  • Multiple modes of action
  • Mainstream performance

Can be used during critical pollination periods

  •  No adverse effects on honey bee survival or brood development; honey bees may avoid treated plants for up to 48 hours

Helps simplify labor scheduling and avoids costly downtime

  • 4-hour REI
  • Minimal personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements

Can be used up to the day of harvest without concern for residues

  • 0-day PHI
  • MRL tolerance exemption

Provides maximum operational flexibility

  • OMRI approved and NOP compliant
  • Approved for field and greenhouse applications
  • Apply by ground, air, or chemigation
  • No spray buffer required



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GRANDEVO® Selected as Best New Biopesticide AGROW Awards, 2012